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Row 13.1 Wye Island Regatta
 Annapolis Rowing Club

The Annapolis Rowing Club is both a recreational and competitive rowing club that has served the Annapolis and surrounding area for over 30 years. The Club comprises more than 100 members, both male and female rowers, whose experience ranges from beginner to advanced. ARC offers Learn to Row classes that lead to participation in our Novice program. More experienced rowers in our Masters programs participate in competitive rowing from local and regional races to National and World competition. The Club’s cancer rehabilitation sweep rowing program helps survivors achieve their highest potential in physical function, pain relief and quality of life. The Club is a nonprofit, community-based membership organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the sport of rowing through the widest possible range of opportunities for training and participation.




Thanks ARC Members and Supporters for a great 2014 Rowing Season!  Winter training on the ergs will have to do for now... Looking forward to another fun year on the water, which can't get here soon enough!  Check back soon for updates on the upcoming 2015 season...

Finishing a practice as the sun sets behind us
Thank You to All of the Participants and Volunteers in the 22nd Annual Wye Island Regatta!

We enjoyed the cool weather and healthy competition among friends for the full 13.1 miles of calm water around the island! The results for the 2014 race are posted! Next year's event will be on Saturday, September 12, 2015.  Save the date!

Race Results!
Wye Island Regatta Information
ARC Novice Class of 2014




Welcome to the Club!

ARC Novice Class of 2014... We would like to congratulate you on your first medal at the Wye Island Regatta!

We are proud of you!