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Learn to Scull

Learn to Scull 2020- Updated 8/6/2020

Are you looking for a new activity this summer and enjoy physical activity while being on the water? The Annapolis Rowing Club is offering a Learn to Scull (LTS) program to teach and share our love for rowing. Sculling is a type of rowing where each rower has an oar in each hand and this program will focus on learning how to scull in a single or a boat with just one person. We have an exceptional team of coaches that are ready to introduce you to the sport of rowing. If you have an interest in learning to row, are already a rower and are interested in learning to scull, or would like to refresh your rowing abilities after a break from the sport, we encourage you to sign up for LTS.


As you are learning in a single boat, this activity is in compliance with Anne Arundel County's, the state of Maryland, and CDC's COVID guidelines. All participants are asked to wear a mask at the Boathouse and social distancing is encouraged. Individuals will be instructed on the procedures for minimizing cross contamination by disinfecting oars, boats, and other equipment.

What will you do?

During LTS you will learn the following, with the goal to feel more comfortable in a single and have fun learning how to row:

- Introduction to the rowing stroke

- Nomenclature and terminology of sculling

- Safety equipment and ARC's Rules of the Row

- Preparing the boat to row

- Launching, rowing, and returning to the dock

- Turning, steering, and backing the boat

- Getting back into the boat

- Weather considerations and traffic patterns on waterways

LTS will be a six (6) session program where each lesson will be two (2) hours. The program will be two (2) week long with three (3) sessions per week.

When and How to Sign Up

this is our anticipated starting date but we are constantly evaluating the safety of our rowers, coaches, and Learn to Scull participants in the wake of COVID-19 and may need to be flexible on starting dates. If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Leslie at


Beginning TBD August 2020 the sessions will be held:

-Mornings: Monday at 7-9AM, Wednesday at 7-9AM

-Afternoons: Tuesday at 6-8PM, Thursday at 6-8PM

-Weekends: Saturday 10-12AM, Sunday 10-12AM

A survey will be sent out to participants to allow flexibility of their scheduling, as much as possible.

COST: LTS will be $465 per participant for six (6)/ two (2) hour sessions. Refunds will not be granted to missed sessions.