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The Annapolis Rowing Club’s Adaptive Rowing program is designed to extend the physical, mental and emotional benefits of rowing to adults with physical impairments (aged 18 or over). The benefits of participation by individuals in sports is well-documented, and ARC’s Adaptive Rowing Program extends those benefits to its participants through recreational rowing, as well as competitive rowing at local and regional regattas, regardless of their rowing ability or experience (beginner to advanced).

The goals of the program are to:

  • Provide technical rowing instruction, both on and off the water, following a training plan structured to fit the rower’s skills, schedule, objectives, and needs

  • Address each rower’s individual goals, and offer opportunities to challenge themselves in a supportive environment

  • Enjoy the outdoors and freedom of movement


Please note: participation is contingent on a coach’s assessment of a potential rower’s individual needs and required adaptations and our program’s ability to meet those requirements.


For information, contact ARC's Adaptive Rowing Coordinator through the membership coordinator

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