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Annapolis Rowing Club relies on volunteers for its operation. All members volunteer to serve on at least one of the operating committees. During registration, you will have the opportunity to request your top committee choice(s).

ARC Committees:

  • Membership – Tracks all members to include dues and waiver signatures. Includes the Volunteer Coordinator to assist in assigning members to volunteer duties, and appoints the SafeSport Coordinator who attends to administrative requirements of the members, leaders, coordinators and coaches. 

  • Programs – Consists of all group coordinators to attend to the operational requirements of the members, as well as the Regatta Coordinator who is responsible for the coordination of club regattas. Volunteers to the committee will coordinate and run the Learn to Scull, Learn to Row and Novice programs. 

  • Boathouse – Performs maintenance duties as required to keep our fleet running as well as our boathouse. This committee will also be responsible for the Equipment Task Force duties. 

  • Finance – Develops a yearly budget, short term and long term funding needs, and ways to finance these needs to include fundraising. Develops ad hoc committees to assist in specific activities that support fundraising. 

  • Safety – Develops and maintains safety strategies for the club. The chair of this committee will be selected by the board and members include a designated representative from each club program. 

  • Boathouse Search – Consists of the Vice President and at least three members who coordinate efforts to relocate, retain or expand the Club operational site and for oversight of the required activities to move, if required.

  • Social Media – Oversees the communication and social media presence within the club and the surrounding community, and ensures that timely newsletters are sent to members on a regular basis. 


Volunteer activities are an enjoyable way to meet and get to know other club members, learn more about boat care and rigging, and support the larger community. You don’t have to be confined to one committee–you are welcome to volunteer for any of the club’s worthwhile activities.

Examples include:  

  • Rigging, de-rigging parties at season open and close

  • Mid-year clean ups/inspections to make sure boats are in working order

  • ARC’s Learn to Row, Learn to Scull, and Novice programs

  • Adaptive Rowing program

  • Strokes4Survivors program

  • Winter repair activities – painting oars, fixing/replacing broken equipment

  • Marketing and fundraising

  • Other Board approved activities that support the well-being of the club

Club members rigging boats

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