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Are you looking for a new activity for the spring or summer and enjoy physical activity while being on the water? The Annapolis Rowing Club offers a Learn to Row (LTR) program to teach and share our love for rowing. Rowing is a full body, low impact sport that uses 86% of your muscle mass.  Sweep rowing (as opposed to sculling) is where the rower has one oar and rowers learn to row together in an 8 person rowing shell. We have an exceptional team of coaches that are ready to introduce you to the sport of rowing. If you have an interest in learning to row, or if you have had a long layoff from the sport and  would like to refresh your rowing abilities, we encourage you to sign up for LTR. Seats are limited to 12 participants per session.

Learn to Row is a two-day session held Saturday and Sunday. Each lesson is four (4) hours.

What will you learn?

During LTR you will learn the following, with the goal to feel more comfortable in a sweep boat and have fun learning how to row:

  • Introduction to the rowing stroke

  • Nomenclature and terminology of rowing

  • Safety equipment and ARC's Rules of the Row

  • Preparing the boat to row

  • Launching, rowing, and returning to the dock

  • Turning, steering, and backing the boat

  • Mastering timing while rowing in unison with your boat

  • Weather considerations and traffic patterns on waterways


Questions? Contact our Programs Coordinator:


Rowing coach teaching beginners
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