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The Annapolis Rowing Club (ARC) offers a free sweep rowing program to help cancer survivors achieve their highest potential in physical function, pain relief and quality of life. 


The goals of ARC's Strokes4Survivors (S4S) program are to:

  • Improve strength and endurance after diagnosis and treatment;

  • Provide unique, free support group for cancer survivors in the community;

  • Evoke a "stress-free" environment to learn, exercise, heal, and socialize with other survivors;

  • Offer a fun, safe, and supportive way for cancer survivors to stay fit and healthy; and

  • Prove that beating cancer is more than just living through it, it's about thriving beyond!

Who can join S4S?

Strokes4Survivors is a group open to both men and women with a history of any type of cancer. Whether survivors are occasional exercisers, weekend warriors, competitive athletes or something in between, Annapolis Rowing Club's coaches, support volunteers, and club members are committed to helping them safely achieve their fitness goals.


S4S participants must:

  • Be 14 years of age or older

  • Be able to swim


The S4S program is currently in the planning stages.

Interested or have questions? Contact the program coordinator:

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